My pet, Peeve

Actually, that's either "pets" or "peeves".

As I was going through my early-morning blog reads, the following happened to me more than once:
  • a link took me to a "login required" page
  • a link took me to the start of the blog, not the individual post (which I then had to scroll alllllll the way down to find)
People, please! Can't we indicate that login may be required? Yes, I know all about bugmenot but still! And if you can't create a permalink to the actual post, well... I've stopped reading one blog because they post many snippets all at once, and then I can never find the nugget I was trying to read when I get to the actual blog. There are at least two other blogs that are close to making that chopping block.

The goal here is simplicity: make it as easy as possible for readers to find what they're looking for. I'm not saying that Blogger is the most elegant blog solution out there, but at least for the current stuff my posts are easy to find. Yes, there are times when you have to scroll through an archive (if you've searched for a post or phrase), but not the front page. Not a direct link to someone's blog or post.

Sigh. Not a good start to Monday, is it?

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