Life gets in the way

Katie Couric took over as the anchor of CBS News last night. I must have been flossing my toenails or something, because I didn't remember (or care).

Which is a bit of a pity, isn't it? Newscasts are increasingly so unimportant that the change of an anchor (and, one assumes, the tone and direction of the program) goes by ignored by most people - media coverage notwithstanding. I've found the New York Times to be increasingly irrelevant to my life, and not just because I no longer live in NYC.

That's not to say that I'm getting more news from blogs or the web, my intake of news from any source is less. Maybe I'm on a diet.


camillofan said...

I meant to watch Katie's debut, even though I don't usually watch the nightly network news, but I fell asleep (long, hard day at work). Oh, well, maybe I'll catch her tonight.

I can't decide whether it's worth having an opinion on the whole thing: I mean, KC is not my favorite TV personality, but I've no particular wish to see her fail at this. Was she "the most qualified person for that job"? Well, I think the notion of the most qualified person for any job is a myth, so I can't answer that. Dan Rather was surely well qualified when he took the post, and yet his entire tenure was an uneasy one.

I, like you, find TV news irrelevant to my life: the more they added graphics, catchphrases, and fancy brass theme music, the less it seemed to be about news. I prefer getting news from the radio (NPR) and following up by reading newspapers online.

stj said...

trust me no one missed anything. I gave up when I saw the promo for CBS News to show uh, Tom Cruises baby or Brad Pitts kid, I forget.
it's just too bad that the news in general is just talking heads or coverage that's 5 seconds long.
one thing I did hear was that there were at least one in depth interview with Tom Friedman about the Middle East but wouldn't take it as a good sign...how can you when a network news has a segment called Snapshot?
I guess I'll just have to rely on The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer (blatant promo) which has no screaming heads, no agenda (okay, okay, the essays I know) that I can find, and intelligent, informed interviewees who represent both sides of an issue.

Aravis said...

Actually from all I've heard she did an excellent job. She was intelligent and ran things smoothly. The proper interviews will keep coming. It's also significant because she is the first woman to anchor the evening news solo. The only thing the critics were able to pick apart, according to Barbara Walters, was the fact that Couric wore white. If that's all they've got, then I think she must have done a pretty good job of it.