Lazy, lazy, lazy

We all know I'm not spending my time reading... so what am I doing (instead of telling you all about the interesting stuff I've been doing, like seeing Cat Power, or writing the few posts/rants that have been rattling around in my head)? Blame Thing Two.

After Things One and Two bought me a tv for Christmas, I thought that this, plus Netflix, would be fine. Apparently not. Two weekends ago, Thing Two shows up with a TiVo. For me. Sigh. No more forgetting to pop in a new tape for that show at 10pm... or wondering if there's a new episode of something on. I've got 40 hours - yes, one full work week, to record on. With programming. Sigh.

So I'm being lazy. Lazy, lazy, lazy. Which is nothing more than you expected, right?

(ps - anyone else think the dancing TiVo is the most annoying character since the MicroSoft Paper Clip?)

1 comment:

Sherri said...

I completely agree on the "Dancing TiVo/MSPaperclip" thing. The Paperclip always ooked me.

TiVo, however, is very cool. Being the highly responsible type you are(and since you are wasting any time reading or anything)I'm sure you'll be using it to catch important documentaries and classic movies.

I only have a PVR. It lacks the fancy schmancy programming a TiVo has that will automatically record things and all that. Well, actually I have 2 PVRs - they come inside the connection box -- and I do ENOUGH damage with those. Even with 120 hours of recording time I can't get a COMPLETE recording of Now, Voyager.