Belabored delusions

Today is Labor Day, wherein we supposedly celebrate the "social and economic achievements of American workers."

The New York Times suggests Labor Week, because we Americans are so chronically overworked (by our own choice). I don't dispute that; the past two days have been spent working on work-related projects, and some personal work (like paying bills). Not to mention helping Zip with his semi-annual Yard Sale. Which you should plan to attend next May, over Memorial Day weekend.

The thing is, we hold up Europeans as paragons of knowing how to manage that work/life/vacation balance. Of course, this can sometimes backfire. One of my closest friends, raised in Europe, lauded Bush for his annual four weeks in Crawford because it set an example. Until, of course, September 11th, after which any vacation was seen as indicative of a disconnected president with no grasp of the realities of running the country. Sorry, you can't have it both ways.

Another friend, working in the finance industry, was once told by a Managing Director that all this dedication and hard work (and lack of time off) was why We Are Number One. My friend, and his colleagues, agreed that settling for Number Two wouldn't be such a bad thing.

My original plans for this summer were to work Tuesday - Thursday, and be lazy Friday - Monday. Ha. What's the phrase? "Man plans and God laughs"? Yeah. I know that one. I'm feeling burned out, less than ready to start the new school year - not to mention very behind on the projects I'd outlined for my personal life (like, organizing my closets).

Labor Week? This Lazygal votes "YES".

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Aravis said...

Good luck with everything, LG!