Things NOT to worry about

One of my staff is heading for Paris for a couple of weeks - I'm not happy about this, because with the exchange rate being what it is, her getting me a nice gift as a "thank you" for letting her miss start-of-school meetings is slim. (I'm actually kidding about that part! Sort of.)

Anyway, she e-mailed me to say that she was worried about drowning to death. You see, that's not really something to worry about, in my book. I mean, that's actually very optimistic of her: first there's the whole lack-of-oxygen thing to survive, then the fall, and finally the slamming-into-the-ocean-from-miles-up (talk about a belly flop!). I think that if you can get to the point of having an intact enough body and consciousness after the explosion, fall and "landing", then you can worry about drowning.

Or isn't that being supportive and helpful?


Murphy Jacobs said...

Yer evil :) I like that in a person.

I've often remarked that I'm not really afraid of falling. I'm afraid of landing.

Aravis said...

According to Mythbusters' tests, it isn't the impact that kills most passengers in a crash. Most often, this caused leg injuries, perhaps some head or neck damage but not often lethal. What kills most crash victims is the fire that usually accompanies a crash. The smoke fills the cabin so quickly that people can't see to find their way out. They die of smoke inhalation/burns.

So chances of drowning are even slimmer, though perhaps water would be welcome initially if you manage to make it out of the plane!

Lazygal said...

Ah, Aravis, that's implies that the plane's crashing into the ocean. According to the Nasty Al-Queda Plots people, these were supposed to blow apart in mid-air, thus creating a need to descend (sans parachute)... rather rapidly from a great height. So it would be the impact (body hitting water) that might kill her. If she survives being without oxygen or getting burned to a crisp "out there", that is.

And yes, Sherri, I am evil (bwaaahhhh)

Murphy Jacobs said...

As the Mythbusters have also demonstrated, having something hit the water before you do (say, a wing or a fellow passenger) won't do DIDDLY to keep your arms and legs from flying off. Just sayin'...

Oooo you've got that laugh down soooo good. I got chills just READING it ;)