Public apology, and thank you

Every now and then, I decide to sweep up the masses of papers that inhabit my cottage and dump them into a bag or box To Be Dealt With Later.

This weekend, my first "off" weekend in a while, was Later. In one of the bags, I found an envelope from a friend. Like me, she's a reader. Unlike me, she does jewelry and other "crafty" things. She made me a gorgeous bookmark, sent it to me ages ago, and I (like the idiot I often am) put the whole package in one of those bags and only found it this morning.


, I'm so sorry it took so long for me to find your lovely gift, and THANK YOU so very much for the beautiful bookmark. If I had a digital camera, I'd share it with everyone, but I don't. So just know that it's being used right now and will continue to be used often.

Oh, and if anyone else sent something that I haven't responded to by now, please let me know. I'll publically (well, on this blog, anyway) flog myself for being so silly and stupid.


Sherri said...

The Little Mary Sunshine angle is at least it wasn't a long overdue bill found just as the men with the truck show up to confiscate something :D

Can you put the bookmark on a scanner and take a picture of it that way? I'd really like to see it.

Lazygal said...

I'll try - it's not flat, though. OOOOH: I'll get my father to take a photo when I see him later this week. It may take a while, but a photo will be available.

Maybe I should add a digital camera to my list of The Things I Want

Aravis said...

You're welcome, LG! I'm glad you like it. No public floggings though, please. They seem so messy and unpleasant. ;0)