Professional Planning

The Boys and I survived the recent heat wave - without a/c at home, mind you, although I did swipe a fan from work to make the bedroom bearable - in part by lying limply on the living room couch and watching stupid telly until we absolutely had to go in to bed. Of course, it wasn't all "stupid" telly: House is one of the more intelligent shows out there, and then there's Jeopardy.

I've watched Jeopardy off and on for decades now (including original version) and I'm relatively good with trivia. Friends have suggested I try out for the show, but I'm too used to giving plausible but totally wrong answers (deliberately, as in Category: Musicals, Answer: Andrew Lloyd Webber, Response: Whose shows do I actively avoid?), and I rarely answer in the form of a question. Plus there's that whole being first to ring in thing to contend with. And, of course, there's the specter of Him - Ken Jennings.

Recently, on the Ken Jennings Blog, there were two posts about quizzing, that great UK passtime. He talks about how poorly he did, and how he was hoping to do better in "The Colossus".

All I could think was GULP. I do know quite a bit about EastEnders, but the rest? And in 2 1/2 hours? No way. Not on my own. I'm floored and impressed that people can do these things.

Yet part of me thinks I should sign up. Not because I have a hope in hell of getting more than 5-10 questions right, but because of my job. Yes, people, this could be considered good Professional Development: a good reference librarian knows a lot of trivial facts, and also knows where to find the stuff they don't know. This is a great opportunity to learn my limits on both. How's that for justification?



bri said...

A - you are a crazy person and I am glad you are still alive - it is a certifiable miracle that one can survive with just a fan

B - "House" is brilliant.

C - I have also often wondered about being on Jeopardy and that ringing in first bit always holds me back. You should go for it, though.

Lazygal said...

Bri, it took until Wednesday for me to steal one from work - I do have ceiling fans here at the cottage, tho'. And today I've been comfy, under the comforter (yep, comforter!). Crazy ain't the half of it!