Politics as (sigh) usual

I was listening to the local news channel the other day - usually I don't, but it was the middle of the heat wave, and I wanted an update on How Hot. Anyway, it's starting to be politics season and there was an interview with people from the two Republican Senatorial campaigns. There's a primary next month, and these guys are trying to unseat Hilary Clinton.

Here's the thing: I have no idea what these guys stand for. Not a clue as to their ideas, beliefs, what they've accomplished, etc.. I do have an idea how sleazy or corrupt or immoral they are. How can this be (I hear you ask)? Simple: each side is busy telling me about the other sides misbehaviours. Swell. Even the interviewer asked why no one is talking about how [candidate] can serve the state better than Hilary. Why no one is shouting from the rooftops the reasons that we NYStaters that are dissatisfied with Hilary (or who simply doubt that she's going to fulfill her term and not run for President in 2008) should vote for either of these idiots.

The response? It's more important to beat the other guy in the primary than it is to talk about Hilary. Bull. Did you hear me? BULL!

NOW is the time to get voters interested in their candidates. NOW is the time to talk about Hilary's shortcomings, not The Other Guy's. NOW is the time to talk about how they'll do better for the state than she has.

It's pretty clear to me that these guys don't have anything new to offer me, or the state. And that's sad. I've posted before about how it used to be. I'm tired of voting AGAINST a candidate, rather than FOR one.

Here's an idea: everyone living within ear/eyeshot of a mudslinging, "The-other-guy's-bad-bad-bad" campaign write to campaign HQ. Tell them that they've just lost your vote because they're not talking about ideas, or how they could serve better, or even why they should be elected, but about why not to elect the other. And you're mad as hell and not going to take it any more.

Who knows? If enough people do that, perhaps we can get a real election going.


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stj said...

know exactly what you mean. it's just too bad that there's no more actual back and forth between the party/candidates anymore just mudslinging and innuendoes.
don't worry ny state will vote her (you know who i mean)in and then get either all warm and fuzzy or blow a gasket depending on what she decides to do in the future.
as much as she's done ny state is nothing more than just a launching pad for her to further her career.
interesting thing though is that i know a number of republicans/dems who are very ticked at schumer for being her errand boy.
hate to say it but no one really gives a flying about politics it seems unless there's a crisis.
try to tell them there is more than a few right now ie. terrism, energy and they just look at you dumbly....