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What Does a Proof Prove?

Fidel Castro, who either died at 79 or turned 80 yesterday, is no longer still dead. Or so the communists would like you to believe. Over the weekend the Cuban regime released several photos of the dictator, including one depicting him holding the front page of a special section of the communist "newspaper" Granma (that's Spanish for "Pravda").

It's reminiscent of photos kidnappers release to prove their hostages are still alive, by showing the hostages holding up a copy of today's paper, except that in this case it's a whole country that's been held hostage for more than 47 years. Also, as blogger Sean Gleeson notes, Granma is published by Castro's regime; the special section could have been prepared long in advance; and the paper Castro is holding looks to be a page proof, given the color, the margins, the crease and the staple in the upper left corner.

It's as if the New York Times had released a photo of Pinch Sulzberger holding a proof of the front page of the Times book review section and claimed this proves he was still alive on Sunday.

Still, despite the amateurishness of this effort, we cannot rule out the possibility that Castro actually is still alive.

(รพ: OpinionJournal)

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