Not quite a second language, but fluent enough...

Terry has a brilliant post today.

Sometimes, I feel as he does: I understand the East Coast Liberal Language, but it's not native to me. Despite growing up in that milieu, I've often felt at odds with it, as though it's Not Quite Me. In part, that's due to having many family members that are - gasp - Jewish Republicans. It's also due to having grown up in Upstate NY (although that hasn't stopped my parents from being remarkably isolated from those that don't think like them; nor has it stopped my sister from much of her nonsense).

There are times, at work and with friends, when I just mentally shake my head and think "have you got any idea how the rest of the US thinks?" More people should visit The Other Side and try to understand it. We would be a better country for it.

Just like we would be a better country if Sesame Street went back to it's roots, rather than pandering to the people who feel that Self-Esteem Is All. (รพ: Cam)

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