I've never really understood the mania for American Idol, but ok. The sad thing is that one hit leads to a flood of the same types of shows on telly. This is no different: Grease is returning to Broadway, and "we" get to pick Sandy/Danny.

Just ducky.

Where to begin?

What about: WHY GREASE? Why not Carnival? or My Fair Lady? or any other show that hasn't been revived recently?

Even better: drop the whole idea. Let's concentrate on encouraging decent actors to perform, and give them exciting, new works to perform in. And let's not vote on any of it, except the old-fashioned way, with our wallets.


Sherri said...

I'm all about encouraging young talent. I'm not sure that doing it nationally (or internationally) is the right way. I suspect what a lot of those Idol winners and runners up really have is temporary notoriety and then instant hasbeen status.

And, yeah, let's give Grease a rest, shall we? But I'm not worried about it. I'll see it at the local community theatre before a touring company gets here.vaabaqx

camillofan said...

I rather think that Grease and reality TV deserve each other.