How stupid do they think I am?

I was clearing out some spammail today, and noticed that one was an "Urgent message from Third Fifth Bank". Doesn't even sound like a real bank, does it? Why on earth would they choose such an idiotic name? "National Bank of ___" or "First Bank of ___" actually sound plausible. But Third Fifth? Not a chance.

(On reflection, I thought perhaps it might cater to musicians.)


Jandy said...

There really is a Fifth Third bank, originated in Cincinnati, Ohio. It even has a pamphlet explaining the history of its name. The logo you see on the spam is the correct logo. (I've received it, too.)

Lazygal said...

Oh. Wow. My bad.

For all you research fiends out there: http://www.53.com/wps/wcm/connect/resources/file/eb2ff20d63e2cbb/About53_History.pdf?MOD=AJPERES