Hanging head

I've been reading (and re-reading) some of these posts and - ACK - sometimes I sound like a blithering idiot. Not because of the content (although that counts) but because of the phrasing/grammar. Equally problematic is my sometimes loose grasp of the niceties of spelling. So...

Do I go back and edit the posts?

Do I do nothing, praying that my Beloved Readers will be as ignorant as I?

Do I hope that my Beloved Readers will be understanding and say nothing? OR

Do I hope that people will bring to my attention that which is egregious and ignore the rest?


camillofan said...

I suspect people don't read archives. Nevertheless, I fix any mistakes I find in mine-- for me. :-)

Sherri said...

I will fix things in recent posts. THe past is the past and I not only forgive, but I forget -- unless you really confuse me.

I do not expect perfection from anyone. Perfection makes me nervous.

bri said...

I do not fix. I do not worry. But that's just me.

PS - I will get to that meme soon - just knee deep in my summer job.