Did it!

I managed to last 48 hours (more, actually) without an on-line fix! Yay me. Of course, I came back to e-mails that I should have take care of while I was gone... Here's a question: how many of you pay attention to those "Out of Office" e-mails? I put one on my work account, and there was one guy (a vendor, we're working on a project) who e-mailed on Wednesday and Thursday, then at least 5 times Friday asking why I wasn't replying. Uh, I'm out of the office? Maybe his spam filter ate it.

Anyway, Rhinebeck was nice. The Delameter Inn is very charming, and even provides sherry to its guests (free, in a decanter in your room). Only problem: loud plumbing and they were painting, so there was that painting smell. But that's ok. I managed.

We spent the first day in Rhinebeck itself, wandering the town and poking our heads into stores. My mother bought yet another shapeless hat that does nothing for her. The local bookstore was nice, but the selection was a little eclectic (and they carried The Love Curse of the Rumbaughs - reviewed here).

Dinner that night was at Calico, a very cozy (25 seat) restaurant/patisserie. The food was wonderful (I had sole stuffed with crabmeat, and a Key Lime tart), the service even better. My father and I split a Pinot Gris, which I'd never heard of before and am now actively seeking. We then went to Upstate Films to see Scoop (Scarlett does a very nice job of out-Woodying Woody, and the film itself is one of his best in years).

M woke me with the news about the foiled terrorist attack (among other things, like how Lulu was faring). 'Nuff said.

Thursday's activities included a visit to Olana (the house is closed, so I'll have to go back, but we did get a nice tour of the outside and had a very pleasant walk around some of the grounds), Alison Winery (picked up a red, a white, sherry and cassis), lunch (where I had a very passable Fluffernutter!), a tour of Wilderstein (interesting old house in desperate need of someone to fund repairs), a short rest and then dinner at Le Petit Bistro (steak frites for dinner, and a clafouti I'd kill to have again). All-in-all, a very nice day!

Yesterday (aka "Friday"), we packed and headed off to Cascade Mountain Winery, where I did another tasting and we had a very nice outdoor lunch. For those of you who don't know, a wine tasting at a winery usually consists of tastes of a number of wines, thus making it easier to compare. My mother, ever nervous, was concerned that I'd have too much to drink and be unable to get home safely. Silly Mommy. You only taste the wine, which means perhaps a sip (or two) of each. You end up, at one winery at least, with barely half a glass tasted. And, of course, you have to cleanse your palate between tastes, usually with water and/or a nibble. So it's safe to drink and drive. Really. I did buy a case from them (half red, half white), which I'm sharing with M.

Then I wended my way home, down the Taconic. Since I'm hoping to buy a house within the next year, it was a good opportunity to see how far away some of the places in Dutchess and Putnam were from MPOW. Of course, these were near-ideal conditions and that's not going to be the case when I'm commuting daily along with thousands of others, but still... it's a sense of the timing, right? The Boys missed me, but didn't destroy the house and my mail was piled high in the mailbox. I'm so glad I have the weekend to veg and relax and get back to normal after all the activity and good food of my time away.

Next up on the agenda: health related stuff, working around the house, and finishing the summertime tasks at work. Possibly a trip to the Dutchess County Fair (mentioned previously here and here). And, in early September, the Hudson Valley Wine and Food Festival.

So, what'd you do this past week?

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