I have more e-mail accounts than I know what to do with. Some are for specific purposes, and some are just there because I need a good spam account. The account attached to this blog (see sidebar for address) gets checked irregularly - like, maybe once a month. Usually there's an update from Flickr, or EduBlogs. Once in a while there's something from an e-friend.

I looked at the account today, and there was a message from someone I didn't know. It was an invitation, so I automatically deleted it (besides, I'd remembered Sherri's post). What's odd is not that I got spammed, but that the only account that got that message was this one.

Sometimes, having too many accounts is a good thing, ya know?



Murphy Jacobs said...

Damn spam is still bouncing around the interwebinet.

Lazygal said...

Sherri, I think we'll never be in a spam-free world. I just think it's amusing that the accounts that I use every day (including the one that can get upwards of 100 messages a day) didn't get this one, and the one I never really use did!