My landlord is a bit of a fanatic about his lawn. Think I'm kidding?

Thursday is the the day for the lawn guys to come. I arrive home to a flurry of mowing and blowing and trimming - this goes on for at least 3 1/2 hours. Then, when it's all quieted down and I can finally relax and watch telly or read: he goes over their work.

Even though he "trusts" them to do the majority of the work, there's always something more to be done. It could be mulching. It could be retrimming the areas around the flower beds. It could be remowing something. It could be trimming the hedge that separates my backyard from their sideyard (to the point of it offering little to no privacy).

This goes on every week night and weekend, too.

Granted, all this work does mean he has a lawn to envy - nary a weed or blade of grass out of place. My father would love to have a lawn this wonderful.

So I'm particularly enjoying the fact that in the midst of this incredibly well-kept, well-groomed lawn are... mushrooms. Interlopers. That Which Does Not Belong.

hee hee hee


Aravis said...

You're a little evil, and I love it! *G*

Anonymous said...

My neighbor across the street would stand on his porch with a metal trashcan lid and a stick. When birds would try to roost in the trees, he'd bang the lid with the stick to drive them away. He'd perform this ritual every night at dusk for about an hour. And each night, he drove his neighbors a little closer to the edge of madness. A guess as long as you are doing something "useful" you aren't really being noisy.

Lazygal said...

Oh, Kar, it's not really noisy (most of the time) - it's just his obsession with the lawn. All things, really. His wife told me he was washing her car in a thunderstorm!

The neighbors on the other side, now, THEY get noisy. Must be the earthmover they have in their driveway...