Reading Update

I'm plowing through the swag books I got, and just finished Dying Light. It's one of those hard-boiled procedurals, in the Rebus mode but different enough to be interesting.

Anyway, I returned to my desk yesterday morning to find that our Head had left two mysteries, with a note to "call and [he'd] explain." So I called. He explained. They were ones he thought I might like to read, and one was a good first book (the second in the series wasn't so good, so don't bother). There was gratuitous violence, which he admitted he liked as much as the next person, as long as it wasn't real. Of course, when your Head hands you a book to read, that's what you read next, right? And Dying Light had gratuitous violence, so that's ok.

Except... this new book also includes cat torture. Oops. I read the first "bad" scene and immediately burst into tears. I scrambled for the end of the bed, where I wrapped my arms around my Big Boy, and held him, sobbing "Mommy would never let anything like that happen to you... Mommy will always take care of you..." (you get the picture). He let me cry into his fur for a while, purring a little, then pushed me away and started to groom. My Little Guy, the moment he saw what was going on, hid. Didn't even come out for bedtime treats.

The moral? Gratuitous sex: fine. I can handle it. Ditto gratuitous violence. But hurt a cat and I go to pieces.

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Aravis said...

I'm the same way. Animal torture just tears me up where other things don't. Ditto hurting children. I read It for the first time when my brother was 2. There's a scene in the book where a father beats his 2-year-old to death, and I sobbed and sobbed, then grabbed up my little brother and gave him a big hug vowing the same things you did. I never forgot that!

Sherri said...

Exactly my reaction. No cat torture. No cat suffering. No cat must even look sad. I can even handle people torture better than animals, especially horses, dogs and cats. I don't like Tom & Jerry, I don't like Tweety & Sylvester.

I'm afraid I'd have to issue that as an edict. No one is allowed to hand me anything where fuzzy critters, cats in particular, get tormented, or even overly upset. Luckily my instincts are good and I skip over anything that even REMOTELY approaches the subject.

And I'd write an evil note saying "Very traumatic. Made me cry." on the book for my boss.

Lazygal said...

Sherri, when I saw him today and said I'd read the books, he asked what I though. I mentioned the cat torture and what it'd done to me... he laughed with me at the thought that 1. I'd ever be in that position and 2. in that extremely unlikely event, that I'd have any influence over the torturers. He did agree, however, that punching a cat in the face was a bit Over The Top.