It's my blogBirthday

Here's how it all started two years ago.

Haven't managed a post-a-day yet, but Walt says that's ok. I hope you've enjoyed the past two years as much as I have. And for those of you that I e-correspond with, aren't you glad this stuff isn't finding its way into your inbox on a regular basis?



Anonymous said...

Happy Blogday! In honor of the day, I'm adding you to my own blog's list 'o links, which could drive up your traffic by (hold onto your hat) as many as 3 readers! And you thought being linked by Terry Teachout was a big deal... (or was it I who thought that?)

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog Birthday! What you lack in frequency you make up for with quality. :)

rudy924 said...

Hope to see you soon

Aravis said...

Happy Belated Blog Birthday, LazyGal! I look forward to another year of your thoughts and insights here. :0)

Lazygal said...

Cam, thanks! I can use all the readers I can get (if a blog falls in the forest...)

Thanks to the rest of you for reading, commenting and participating. May your blogbirthday's be as nice as mine.