I'm trying to find updates for our Shakespeare books, and found this interesting description of one: "Within these pages are hundreds of facts and stories about the Bard of Avon. Discover, for example, the ongoing quest to translate his entire works into Klingon."

Klingon????? Some people need to Get. A. Life.


Aravis said...

I had heard of this and my initial reaction was the same as yours. Then I decided that if this demographic was interested in translating the bard and in the process making Shakespeare accessible to people who might otherwise shun him, then why not? *G*

Anonymous said...

It is all about setting goals, I guess. And really, do you want this person walking the streets instead of sitting at a desk working on his translation?

Lazygal said...

Kar, you do have a point.

Not that I want to start a huge discussion, but why Klingon? Why not Romulan? Or is that too close to Vulcan to make it interesting?

Anonymous said...

But this project has huge cultural significance, as rendering Shakespeare into Klingon amounts to a recovery of the lost original texts!