NOLA update

Well, the weather has cooperated nicely: relatively low humidity, which makes the heat bearable. A little. I'm more afraid now of increasing my sunburn, and I suspect my arms are getting tan. We'll see if anyone else notices that.

The conference has been fine. Two sessions were a little disappointing, but I've already sent off one box of bookswag (and some other swagstuff) and have another waiting back at the conference center. I've eaten two good dinners (one at Antoine's!) and am looking forward to tomorrow's.

And I just got back from the Mary-Chapin Carpenter concert. She was great, and even took the time to read us the NYTimes article about the conference. No, she hadn't brought it with her, but one member of the audience kindly went down to the internet cafe and printed it out. We're librarians. Go figure. Her opening act was Bruce Diagrepont, and I got two CDs to bop to on my drive home.

Time for bed: tomorrow's an early start.

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