Nineteen and counting

Have you ever met someone and just "clicked"? Well, nineteen years ago, that happened to me. I was working at a deadly dull job: trade administrator in an investment bank. That meant that when a trade on one of my accounts was made, I entered it into the computer, and the next day, checked for confirmation from the brokerage house before filing the papers. If anything went wrong with the trade, I had to call the account administrator, who would then check with the holding bank to see what went wrong. Long story short, that's where I met Michael. 19 years ago this week.

Clearly, we clicked.

Since then, we've been through a lot. Job changes. Loss of parents. Deaths of beloved cats. Financial woes. Trips to Europe and Montreal. Exploring the world of wine. Broadway shows, opera and ballet. Music and television shows. Bad haircuts. Extended family mishegas.

Without him, I wouldn't have quit some of the awful jobs I've had. I wouldn't have had the courage to drop everything and go to graduate school. I wouldn't have become a school librarian and become involved on a national (and local) level. I wouldn't have had the courage to leave my job and my house and my "life" and move to a new town, a new job, and a new life.

Without him, my life would be all the poorer. It hasn't always been easy, but after 19 years, he can still amaze me and make me laugh and feel better about the bad things in life.

Isn't that what best friends are for? I'm looking forward to the next 19 years and seeing what they bring.

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Anonymous said...

and thru it all you've enriched his life as well. opened his eyes and made him realize the many good things there are in life.
the thing to remember is that he'll always be there for you come what may.
there are many chapters in life but some things always remain constant and the trick is to remember that.
there's a chinese curse "may you live in interesting times"....i don't believe it's a true curse just a way to remind people that life, with the right companions, friends, etc. it's a helluva ride....more to come....