Do as I say

Over on Lifehacker, there's a discussion about people that really get into the whole GTD ethos and those that don't. There was a question about what to do when you're with someone that hasn't bought into it. I responded
DO NOT nudge/nag/press/insist that someone else become a GTD-er. If they weren't that type before (or at least, inclined to be that type), then nothing you can do now will force them to change. All that will accomplish is you being irritated, them being irate, and neither party feeling good about thing. And if this is a real deal breaker in the relationship, then perhaps the relationship wasn't worth much any way.
Yet, in my own way, I'm just as guilty. I have a friend that is (to put it mildly) a slob. It's so bad that there are cobwebs hanging in the kitchen and above the shower... so bad that I don't want to go into this house... so bad that I worry about disease (I swear that mold and bad ventilation at the old house helped cause some of my health problems two years ago).

And instead of saying, this is how this person is, this relationship is important so what can I do to work around it/deal with it, I nag and whine and yell and issue the ultimatum that I will not come back. Ever. This is a deal breaker for me, and I'm not necessarily the neatest person out there (ya'll are invited to see my office!). Yet here I am, recommending not nagging, not pushing.

Sometimes, I feel like a hypocrite.


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camillofan said...

GTD? I am definitely the last grape on this vine. I'd never heard of it till this post.

And I'm certain a genuine GTD-er could easily have figured that out after spying on me for a day.