Boys to Men

One of the neat things about working in a school that runs K-12 (or, in the case of my last school, 4-12) is that you get to watch a young boy, or girl, become a man (or woman). Since I don't have children of my own, this is the closest I'll come and it's an amazing thing.

Over the past week or so, it's been "celebration" time at school. Grade 4 "moved up", Grade 8 was "appreciated" and Grade 12 graduated. There were awards and Occasions and good-byes were said. All very sad, and all part of a teacher-librarian's life.

Yesterday I went back to MOPOW for their graduation. One main reason was a very special boy - oops! man - that I'd gotten to know over the years. He'd come in 6th grade, preternaturally aware of movies and films. His "profession"? Movie maker. He started filming stuff at school in 8th grade, and each year his movies have become tighter, better written, better filmed (ok, part of that has to do with the equipment being more sophisticated) and just, well, more what you'd think you'd have seen if you'd been watching, say, Spielberg or Coppola or someone like that at this age.

Add to that his writing skills. The speech he gave at his 8th grade Moving Up ceremony presaged the thoughtful speech he gave yesterday. And, I'm betting, those will be nothing compared to his Oscar acceptance speech. It's not just his talent, it's his personality: he's a great guy. Very aware of what's going on, both from a personal and a professional perspective.

I've been privileged to have met and gotten to know many boys, and girls, over the years. Not all become as special a man or woman as this one has become. Some do, and I consider myself honored to have "known them when". And I look forward to seeing what else happens, because I just know that whatever they do, it'll be incredible.

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