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[T]he tricky reality of life is that it is not simply "either/or." If it were, we could cope without confusion and frustration. Life, however, is "both/and." Both glorious and horrendous. Both joyful and sad. Both comforting and unbearable. And though we were made for glory, joy, and comfort in God's presence, we have to cope every day with horror, sadness, and the unbearable.
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However little television you watch, watch less. Read. Read for pleasure. Read for happiness
- David McCullough



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[A great book] lays its images permanently on the mind [and] is entirely irreplacable in the sense that no other book whatever comes anywhere near reminding you of it or being even a momentary substitute for it.
- C. S. Lewis

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At the ballet (workshop)

As previously mentioned, one of the things I do at this time of year is attend School of American Ballet's Workshop presentation. And, as also previously mentioned, it's usually quite good. The article in the Saturday NYTimes just whet my appetite. Sadly, this time it was just "good." No really exciting dancers that you just know are going to make their mark on the world of ballet... just competent dancing from a group of talented kids. 

Perhaps it was an "off" performance, perhaps the choreography didn't really show off their capabilities the way it should have (or could have), but all-in-all, I was a little disappointed. Even the Big Crowd Pleaser piece at the end failed to really stir me, or my companion. And, when someone that really doesn't know or follow ballet can say, "well, that was just ok", it means something. 

The audience, however, did not disappoint. There were the usual suspects dotting the Peter Jay Sharp Theatre. One thing I didn't mention before is that the ushers for Workshop are students at SAB, young hopefuls that have their eyes on being on stage this time next year. A few of them were former students, and it was nice seeing them again. It's nice thinking of a baton being passed, generation of dancers to generation of dancers, supporting (and ultimately, competing with) each other.

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Is it me, or does this not sound like a good idea?