Year End Madness

It's that time of the year - recital/show time. Remember that from your schooldays? You know, the time when all the adults insisted that you show the rest of the world what you'd been doing over the past few months, whether or not it really was ready for public consumption. I suffered through ballet and piano recitals and am very grateful I don't have to do this any more.

When you work in a school, you have to go to these things and support the students. Even if you were so traumatized by these events as a child, you have to suck it up and support the students (and, I suppose, the long-suffering teachers). Sometimes, as in the case of SAB's Workshop, it's a great thing and very inspiring. Sometimes the work shows promise, and you can see glimpses of the adult success. Sometimes, you just want to take the child aside and say "get a day job - one that doesn't have anything to do with making ART". Of course, you never do get to that point because, well, you're an adult and you don't want to totally kill their spirits.

This past week I've been to two art shows, and I've got a movie, a play and Workshop in the next few weeks. Having seen "Art School Confidential", though, the art shows were amusing. The most recent show (last night) was typical of the genre. Students display their portfolio, and parents and teachers walk around with very serious faces. Most of the art last night was angsty in the way that only teenagers can be angsty: lots of cleverly angled self-portraits, vibrantly odd colors, etc..

One artist-in-the-making had a series that really jumped out at me. Why? Because it was almost a replica of The Piece in ASC, the one that becomes a major plot point. I couldn't even tell if this was a good work of art because of the similarity (and no, there's no way this could have been inspired by the movie, unless the artist was part of the making of the movie, since this series had been done over the course of the school year). Art imitating life can be interesting. Art imitating (or mirroring) art in a movie is... odd.

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