Too much of a good thing

Well, I survived the weekend. It was a lot of fun, and I got some good music (ate a few good meals, too - if you're ever near Woodstock, check out the Red Onion and New World).

This morning I drove home, walking into a cottage The Boys had messed up to show their disapproval of Mommy leaving home for a weekend. Fine. I cleaned and read the paper and decided to take a nap.

After about an hour or so, I started to hear music. My neighbors were celebrating the ending to their two-week adventure with installing French drains (there was also something about having more dirt than they'd anticipated and what were they going to do with it). They, and my landlord/lady were having a quiet drink and barbeque, listening to Nat "King" Cole sing Unforgettable.

Please, don't get me wrong. I like that song, with or without the insertion of Natalie Cole's voice. But really, isn't 45 minutes of that song just a little too much?



camillofan said...

I'd say playing one Nat King Cole song over and over for 45 minutes is too much, when you consider how many other wonderful Nat King Cole songs you could listen to in that amount of time.

But maybe "Unforgetable" is "their song."

Lazygal said...

"Their song"? A group of six has a song? Never really thought of that...

camillofan said...

Oops! Missed the two words right before "my landlord/lady." Interesting idea, though, a "group song." Now I will spend the rest of the day, on and off, trying to think of whether any of the groups I've ever hung out with has had an "our song."

Lazygal said...

Actually, I do know of a "group song" - when I was in college, the frat (co-ed) that I belonged to adopted Burning Down the House as our theme song. And then there are the songs my HS class decided to sing as a class (at Senior Dinner, for example). But as an adult... can't think of a group song to save my life!