Bri's doing this "Five Questions" thing and I thought, why not - how bad could it be? So...

1. What differences are there in Brooklyn Meeting and your Meeting up there wherever you are now?
Brooklyn is larger and older (in building - Rockland is in this rather modern 50's ranch house). No one overtly snores in BM, whereas RM has one person who does almost every week. The messages at BM were somewhat different. There's the same really liberal slant, but here they seem angrier. I miss Brooklyn.

2. What is the most embarrasing television show you have watched with even a little regularity?
Real World. Still watch, occasionally (it's on opposite SVU so...)

3. What is your stock answer when kids ask you what your favorite book is?
Depends on the age. For little ones, "Good Night, Moon". For YAs, "Up a Road Slowly". For adults, I just have favorite authors: Julian Barnes, AS Byatt and Robertson Davies. Did that answer the question?

4. What would be your dream vacation?
A cottage somewhere cool, like Ireland or Scotland, with my cats and a ton of books and some good friends to hang out with in the evenings. I know, I know, borrrrrrrrring. But still, I don't do sun/sand terribly well, and travelling to places like Turkey aren't really vacations, it's tourism and that's work. Vacations are for relaxing and vegging.

5. What is the last movie you saw in the theatre?
Art School Confidential last Saturday. Wasn't impressed because the plot was telegraphed from a mile away, and the lead was very passive. I'd say more, but there are some that read this that have asked me not to share my opinion until next week...

So, anyone want to play? Just let me know and I'll interview you!

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