Procrastination Meme

(from Cam, Terry and Little Professor)

  • I am blogging.
  • I want to feel more alive and less tired.
  • I wish that summer vacation were already here.
  • I hate coming home and not being able to sit outside and relax after work with a glass of wine because my landlord is doing something loud on his/my side lawn (using a backhoe, for example - I kid you not).
  • I love curling up with a book and my cats and a glass of wine.
  • I miss having someone to say goodnight to me and tucking me into bed.
  • I fear dying alone and forgotten.
  • I hear my computer fan and the Older Boy snoring contentedly.
  • I wonder if I really am a good friend, or if I'm just good at acting like one.
  • I regret gaining as much weight as I have.
  • I am not easy to live with on a daily basis.
  • I dance with my cats (much to their disgust and annoyance).
  • I sing - not! Just ask anyone that knows me. I vocalize, but it's not singing.
  • I cry a lot, even at stupid sappy commercials.
  • I am not always as kind as to others as I probably should be.
  • I make with my hands badly done needlepoint pillow covers.
  • I write with two distinct handwritings.
  • I confuse my left and right - a trait I share with my mother, her older brother and my sister.
  • I need to work on getting on with my life, rather than wallowing in senioritis.
  • I should clean my cottage and finish all the weekend chores.
  • I start a lot of conversations in my mind, and then fail to remember that they're only in my mind.
  • I finish about 90% of the Sunday NYTimes crossword in 40 minutes or less.
  • I tag all the other lazygals and guys reading this.
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