ColbyCosh writes:
It seems damned careless to accidentally smother your kidnap victim to death literally on your way out the door of her house--but students of homicide know that we hear something like this exculpatory tale of a tragic accident from pretty much every single sex murderer in the recorded history of humankind. Even John Wayne Gacy, who had thirty-plus bodies of young male rape victims rotting away underneath his house, tried to spin elaborate explanations for how his prey, in every case, had up and died through sheer misadventure. It's a crock.
While the Cecilia Zhang's death is a tragedy, I wonder if it could also be used as a "what not to do" lesson for kidnappers-in-training. I mean, how do you "accidentally smother your kidnap victim to death"?


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Aravis said...

Er, trip on furniture and fall on top of your victim, hitting your head and passing out while blocking their airway?

Yeah, I didn't think so either. *G*