What a sales pitch!

(an actual phone conversation had yesterday)

ME: Hey there.

HIM: What's hip? What's hot?

ME: I'm having a bad day. Wanna blow off Robot Job and come down for the weekend?

HIM: I've sort of got stuff planned. What do you have in mind?

ME: Not much. My throat hurts and I think I'm getting sick again.

HIM: Oh. What's on at the movies?

(reading list from NYTimes)

HIM: Ack. Nothing great.

ME: I've got Broken Flowers and The Closet from Netflix.

HIM: Possible. What else? Sushi for dinner?

ME: Well, I sorta don't have any food in the house.

HIM: Sushi it is.

ME: And the place is a pig sty.

HIM: Let me get this straight - you're feeling sick, there's nothing good at the movies, you have no food and the place is a mess? And I'm supposed to come down?

ME: Yeah, well, that's why you love me.

HIM: Uh. Um. Ok. I'll call you when I leave my house. Gotta go feed Bernie first.

ME: Why don't you call from the road and I'll order pizza for you to pick up. I don't have any money on me.

HIM: (laughing too hard to answer)

ME: Bye.

HIM: Later.


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