Notes from Mt. Bookpile

Not too many read this quarter (only 22 books), thanks to the number of magazines I had to plow through. Picking up steam and ready to really plow through Mt. Bookpile next quarter, though!

  • Freaks and Shrieks, R.L. Stine The first of his stuff I've actually enjoyed; this series will be great for our 4/5 grade boys.
  • In the Land of the Lawn Weenies, David Lubar Again, good for 4/5 grade boys. Not so great for others.
  • Magic by the Book, Nina Bernstein Loved it. Great bibliofantasy.
  • The Owl Service, Alan Garner Not impressed: the plot was fuzzy and the action confusing. If I couldn't follow it clearly, I don't think the target audience will, either.
  • The Sea of Monsters, Rick Riordan Already raved about this one.
  • Upstream, Melissa Lion Wow. A really good book. I think my older kids will like this one, despite the rather somber subject matter.
  • The Wright 3, Blue Balliett Not a huge fan of Chasing Vermeer, but I can see where kids will like this sequel.

  • A Lion in the Way, Elizabeth Cadell Good historical fiction, written from the point of view of a girl growing up in the Anglo-Indian community and the changes there between 1913 and 1929.
  • At Home in Mitford, Jan Karon I can see how Christian fiction appeals to some; good book, but I won't finish the series.
  • Arthur & George, Julian Barnes The bad thing about finishing a Barnes book is waiting for the next one; this one fictionalizes a real event and brings it very much to life.
  • Gentlemen and Players, Joanne Harris A little disappointing, as I guessed the secret ages before it was revealed. Still, not a bad mystery.
  • The Graveyard Position, Robert Barnard Another series I think is wearing thin.
  • A Minister's Ghost, Phillip DePoy One of those "haven't quite decided if I like it" series... may give the next one a shot but maybe not.
  • A Question of Blood; Resurrection Men ; and Set in Darkness Ian Rankin Clearly, a series I am not getting tired of reading!

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