Doing the math

Yesterday at lunch I learned a new equation. Generally speaking, I'm not a math person (avoid it at all costs, particularly when an "x" is involved, let alone a Greek letter). However, this seems to be one of those useful things:
If you want to date younger, you can only date someone half your age + seven years
In other words, if you're 18, the youngest you can date is 16. If you're 40, it's 27. And so forth.

This is very helpful. It means that I can only date in the 29 - 73 range. Hmmm....



LydiaM said...

Wait - is that supposed to be "only", or does it mean that's the youngest you should go? Not that I'm in the market or anything...but if I was, I think I'd prefer going older.

Lazygal said...

Well, given my current age, 29 is the youngest age (if I were looking for a boy toy). 79 is the age of the old fogey that might be looking for me as a trophy wife. Or something like that. ; )