Am I really here?

This isn't just an existential question.

As you know, my vital signs verge on "low". I've been taking my temperature regularly, just to see if I'm really over the nasty Spring Flu I managed to get. The average for the past two days? 97.2.

So I have to ask: am I really here?



Anonymous said...

Yes, you're *here,* but as the thermometer clearly demonstrates, you are sub-normal.

bri said...

Well, maybe since you've been sleeping a lot and sick and not moving around, it's sticking close to your normal waking temperature. I am always around 97.2 for the first half of my cycle when I first wake up. But yeah, later in the day, at least if you're eating, it would normally go up a bit. Sub-normal.

Sherri said...

then we are subnormal together. I'm the same way.

Actually, I think the ol' 98 thing is an AVERAGE, not an absolute. Don't sweat it.

Lazygal said...

Bri, it was 97.2 last night, before I went to bed - 97 when I woke today, but 97.4 yesterday morning. And Sherri, clearly I'm doing anything but sweating! ; )

Karmon said...

I think you are fine as long as you don't reach room temperature.