V and X

Two lesser-used letters of the alphabet, right? Also two letters that played an important role in my life this past weekend.

"V" was the movie I saw. I'm not usually into that sort of movie, although I do stray outside my comfort zone when I'm with my friend M. The problem with this one wasn't the stylized violence, or the gaps in the plot, or the bad accent that Natalie Portman had. The problem I had was "who cares?" I didn't feel that this movie meant anything, and I like for them to have some resonance with my life. Some people may feel that it's a commentary on life under Bush (even thought it was written about the Thatcher years). To me it was just a bad melange of The Count of Monte Cristo, a superhero, 1984 and a few other things, all done heavy-handed enough to give me a headache. The best part was after it was all over, and my friend commented that this movie clearly had been done on a huge budget. What clued him in? The fact that there was a Stones song at the end.

"X" was the restaurant where we went to brunch yesterday. Brunch started at 1, and for the next 2 1/2 hours we ate steadily. Waiters appeared a regular intervals to ply us with food: fruit... eggs benedict... bagel and "smoked salmon"... fish... ham... pork... lamb chops... scallops... shrimp... pasta... it was seemingly endless. And then there was the "free" champagne (or mimosas, or kir royales). Two-and-a-half-hours of eating. Dinner last night was not an option.

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