Reading update

I've not been reading much this quarter (well, few books, anyway) but I want to share my excitement about a new series. It's called "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" and it's by Rick Riordan.

The first book, The Lightning Thief, came my way last year at a conference (where I'm known to pick up a few of the Readers Advance copies). I loved it. The story is about a boy, ADHD, kicked out of every school, and his love for his mother and hatred of his stepfather. Then he finds out that he's actually the son of Poseidon, and belongs to a group of half-bloods. See, those pesky Greek gods haven't stopped messing with humans. And Percy is the product of one of those relationships. He goes on a quest and makes friends and you'll have to read about all of that.

The second book, The Sea of Monsters, is equally good. So you're going to read that, right?

What I like about this is that it's fantasy, but of a sort that will really appeal to boys. As a matter of fact, one of my more recalcitrant cases at MOPOW read it and loved it. When I saw him yesterday, he was too cool to admit he was excited to read a new one, but I could tell he really was. Jon Scieszka has written a lot about boys not reading. This is exactly the sort of book that will get them reading.


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