I hadn't meant to write today. I'd really only meant to crawl into bed with The Boys and read and snooze and rest up for the Big Interview Day tomorrow (not me being interviewed, me interviewing for our LS Librarian position).

However, a friend's celebrating a birthday and I'm going to go to brunch. Fine. I learned about this via a phone call from another friend. No problem. Then, as I'm in bed reading, I get a call from Birthday Girl. She's concerned because I haven't responded to her call to my cel phone. Problem.

You see, I don't use my cel often. I have it off 90% of the time. And the 10% it's on I'm usually the one calling out (unless it's possible we're having a snow day and I'm driving back from NYC). So, naturally, I tell people to not use my cel unless I tell them it'll be on. Seems fair, right? It also means that they can't get pissy because I don't answer/respond to a call left on my cel.

But she's upset. And also upset that she doesn't have my landline number (she does, she's called it, but she's lost/forgotten it somehow). And that I don't give that number out in my sig file.

So now I'm cranky. I went to bed cranky about this. And now I'm up and cranky. Not a good thing to be when you're heading for a celebration.

But really, people, have some respect for those of us that do not want to be continually plugged in and reachable. Some of us see immense value in unplugging, in resting in quiet. And don't blame us if you're not organized enough to keep track of a phone number.

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