Late Night at the Oscars

Tonight, as I've done for many years, I'm staying up waaaaay past my bedtime to watch the Oscars. It's not that I know all the movies, or that I'm intensely interested in the "Short Story Non-Fiction with Animation and a Twist" category, it's that I'm just as mean and nasty as anyone else: I like watching people who are paid many more times my salary look and sound bad (I don't care what anyone says, Gwyneth looked awful in that pink dress - she needed more boob-action to carry it off well). Who can forget Rob Lowe and Snow White, or the resulting lawsuit? Who doesn't remember Demi Moore and those godawful bicycle pants?

So I'll be up late, snarking away. Just like the rest of you.


Sherri said...

I'm actually a complete Monday Morning quarterback. I like to read what the professional snarkers say and then congratulate myself on having watched old movies I'd seen a dosen times instead of the Oscars (just so you know, we watched A Letter to Three Wives and Real Genius, because i like weird double features like that -- and Val Kilmer).

Lazygal said...

I've been watching the tv stuff, too. Can't say I agree with the fashion choices (was Jessia Alba really the best dressed?), but I do agree that Jon wasn't completely on his game.