A great hair day

Yesterday I had a great hair day. Don't quite know how it happened, but I did. It had volume... it had bounce... it even had (gasp) frizz. I'm so happy that today is a good hair day. Not as much volume, bounce or frizz, but still... it's all so much better than the long, flat, lank stuff I normally have. And I know that the moment I try to do the same thing to it (wash with that shampoo in this city at the time I did, etc.) it'll all be for naught. Two days is fine with me.

I also had a good non-conference day. After the morning session, I headed out to the Phillips Collection, where I looked at the Degas, Sickert and Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit. Terry's blogged some of his thoughts; mine were so very different. First of all, and I know this is heresy, my first thought on seeing the Degas (and some of the Sickerts) was "oh.my.god. Thomas Kinkaide's been here". Not the best thought to be having at a time when you're viewing "real art", is it? The most striking image to me was the bronze "La Liseuse" by Dalou, and a close second were the Thornley lithographs of Degas' work (they reminded me somewhat of Michelangelo's Prisoners series).

After that, I walked to the Tidal Basin to view what I could of the cherry blossoms. Some trees had started to bloom, others were in that oh-I'm-trying-so-hard-to-bud-that-it-hurts stage. The contrast of the bare branches, the near buds and full bloom was exquisite and I am so glad I saw it.

Then a brisk walk up Connecticut Avenue to Teaism. It's more in the Takashimaya mold than the Sweet Melissa, but the tea was wonderful and the rest well-deserved.

And did I mention I was having a great hair day?


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