Am I nuts?

Next Tuesday, the Boston Symphony Orchestra is doing a program in honor of my great-grandfather. I was toying with the idea of going, but next week is Book Fair week at MPOW and those of us that work in schools know how hectic that week is (even though here, the Parents Association does all the work and garners all the glory).

One of my cousins e-mailed this morning: Yes, the information was too late for the very short piece that will appear in the program book. However, it was fascinating. We would very much like to review whatever material you have gathered. It would also be a great pleasure to receive such from you, in person. A complimentary ticket to the concert awaits you, if you are able, at this last minute, to amend your plans and come to Boston on Tuesday.

So now, of course, I really want to go. My staff assure me they can survive my leaving early Tuesday and getting in late on Wednesday... and then there's the whole "it's in honor of your family and a once-in-a-lifetime-event" thing... Counterbalanced with that is the reality of a six hour drive (there and back) and $3.00+ gas and the need to find a place to stay.

Am I nuts to do this?

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