Small Town Steps

Small City USA doesn't have a lot going for it. Often, the best stuff is about an hour away in Syracuse. Syracuse is also where a couple of the "local" tv stations broadcast from (you really need cable up there!). All Things Amy posted that the PBS station in Syracuse is trying to find An end to pledge drives. Which means that my parents, in Small Town USA will be whine week free long before I am.

Never thought I'd miss Small Town. Guess there are still a few good things there (parents not included).

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Sherri said...

Our local PBS radio station managed to get their pledge drive finished 3 days early.

And there was much rejoicing. *sigh* If it weren't for the pure logic of having to support what I like, I'd hate pledge week much more, but I've known a few folk who worked for the station and THEY hate pledge drive even more than I do.