The Right to Never be Offended

Somehow, I don't quite think that's in the Constitution. Or the Declaration. Or the Bill of Rights. Or anywhere... except, now, apparently, Arizona.
SB 1331
amending Title 15, chapter 14, Arizona Revised Statutes, by adding article 8; relating to UNIVERSITIES and community colleges.
(TEXT OF BILL [...]) Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Arizona:

Section 1. Title 15, chapter 14, Arizona Revised Statutes, is amended by adding article 8, to read:


START_STATUTE15-1881. Alternative coursework or materials
Each university under the jurisdiction of the Arizona board of regents and each community college under the jurisdiction of a community college district shall adopt procedures by which students who object to any course, coursework, learning material or activity on the basis that it is personally offensive shall be provided without financial or academic penalty an alternative course, alternative coursework, alternative learning materials or alternative activity. Objection to a course, coursework, learning material or activity on the basis that it is personally offensive includes objections that the course, coursework, learning material or activity conflicts with the student's beliefs or practices in sex, morality or religion.
So learning that people have sex, if I'm a virgin, is offensive? Sitting in a current events class and taking about Islam and their beliefs is offensive if I'm a Christian?

I'm offended that the concept of education is being so bastardized by these people. I'm offended that we're now expected to soothe all ruffled feathers, rather than expecting students to come to class open minded and ready to expand their currently limited horizons. I'm offended that we're pandering to the tyranny of the minority, rather than thinking about the greater good to be served in broadening understanding between people of different beliefs, races, experiences.

I'm very happy that this was not the rule when I was in school. My parents would have been offended by this law.


bri said...

Ah, my great and oh so bizarre birth state. The same one that took away Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Yes. Brilliant.

Karmon said...

In the meantime, we are also suppose to be promoting diversity in schools, yet this ruling seems to what to keep like people alike. I bet this ruling can get shot down when someone objects to a person's race.