Purrrfectly Content

I've been under a bit of stress and strain recently, and decided that yesterday should be A Day Off. No chores, no errands, just lying in bed reading and snoozing. The Boys were really good about cuddling and not fighting or running around (they usually do when there's a weather front change - something to do with their inner ears getting all wonky).

Anyway, at bedtime, my Big Boy curled up against me, in perfect teddy bear position. So I put my arms around him (as one would a teddy bear), and he purred and purred and we drifted off. My Little Boy was sleeping draped over my feet.

What a great way to end the week!

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Aravis said...

It sounds absolutely wonderful! Such a warm, cozy, drowsy feeling to be snuggled with bundles of purr. :0)