Imponderable Quotes

"It's unseasonably cold today"
(local weatherman)

Uh, it's February. In the Northeast. Isn't it supposed to be cold in winter? Or did I miss something growing up in the Snow Belt?


stj said...

i believe that's part of the contract for all weathermen (women) to use that word as an alcohol/drug test. i just wish that certain newsmen (women) such as gee, darlene rodriquez , had the same contract. she'd be gone in a day.

Aravis said...

For some reason this post reminded me of the commercial in which a man is driving down the road through various weather extremes. Across the screen it said something like "The weatherman predicted sunshine" as you see people on the street running through a rainstorm, etc. In the end, it turns out the man driving the car is the weatherman. I always liked that commercial. *G*

Oh, and I'm with you on the whole "unseasonably cold" thing, though stj raises an interesting point. :0)