I'm not alone!

I've always been one of those odd people, taking up "enthusiasms" that no one else seems to have heard of, much less enjoy. I won't call this an obsession, but I've sort of had a thing about Lord Lucan. And when Muriel Spark wrote a mystery about him, of course I had to read it. This morning, to my great delight, Grumpy Old Bookman writes about Aiding and Abetting, the very book I read and enjoyed a few years ago (read the whole thing as I was sitting on the floor of NYC's Port Authority, waiting for a bus to my favorite vacation getaway! See what I mean about "odd"?).

One of the things I liked is that the characters all have something to hide, something that's not quite right about them. It's a lot like "real" people, because to some extent, in a new situation, we all construct new selves. In this case, of course, Lord Lucan has a lot to hide. But is it him? I've always wondered what happened, and where he is, and who helped him, and if he's laughing at us all.

Anyway, I feel less odd now. A little.

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