Do I want to join this club?

I feel a little like Groucho, not wanting to belong to a club that would have me for a member. Which club? The edubiblioblogosphere, of course (try saying that ten times fast, after a drink or so).

In general, as I've said before, I blog about whatever I want. It's the rantings and ravings of my mind, which doesn't tend to think deep thoughts about my profession or my professional life. I'm too busy trying to make it through the day, to be honest. Between work, The Boys, reading and sleeping, and the occasional letter to a friend, it's a pretty full life.

It's not that I don't have these deep thoughts, however. I do. I've presented (on creating your social network, on evaluating your program), I've written, I've worked on the national publication. I attend conferences and my bloglines include many of the "big thinker" blogs. So I do think about being a school librarian a lot. I just don't write about it.

Why? Because one of the things I'd be writing about is my resentment of some of the "thou shalts" in my world. "Thou shalt" have flexible scheduling. "Thou shalt" blog. "Thou shalt" not have study hall in your library. "Shalt this" (as we used to say in prep school).

I'm not convinced that the so-called Library 2.0 (or School Library 2.0) revolution is a bandwagon upon which I want to jump... yet. There are so many other things to do. Like upgrading my Reference Collection. Like establishing collaborative practices. Like hiring a LS Librarian. Like creating interesting programs that get people into the library.

Maybe then I'll have time and energy to focus on the rest of it. Maybe then I'll be convinced that blogging is "the way" to reach my students. Or that having a MySpace page is absolutely necessary. But right now, this juror is unconvinced. And angry that my peers call my professionalism into question because I'm not rushing to The Next Big Thing but I'm working to tweak The Old Stuff to make it better. Because ultimately, it isn't about the technology. It isn't about the social networking. It isn't even about me. It's about what works best for my school and my library, and I'm the best judge of that.

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Aravis said...

I've never known you in your official capacity, and even I know that you are extremely professional and devoted to your career. So if you tell me that you don't feel something works for you or your library, I don't doubt it for a moment.