Diagnosis: The Crankies

I'm in a very cranky mood today, and don't really care who knows it.

You see, like most of the Northeast, I'm in the middle of a blizzard. Which is fine, except...

This much snow should mean a snow day. Really. Any time more than a foot falls, there should be a snow day attached. It should never happen on a Sunday (or Saturday), tantalizing us with the possibilities. When I was younger, there were snow forts to build and snowball wars to fight, and cocoa after. And there was no school. Now that I'm old, there aren't any snow forts or snowball wars, and because this is a Sunday and "they" will start plowing and things will be back to somewhat normal by tomorrow, there will be school. Totally unfair. Grossly negligent of the Weather Gods, wouldn't you say?

So I'm cranky. Very, very cranky.


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Aravis said...

Maybe the heat will go out or something and they'll have to cancel school anyway. :0)