When is a friend not a friend?

When a friend returns from a vacation - in Ireland, for example - and decides that they want to see you upon their return, that's nice, right?

Well, it would be nice if said so-called friend didn't bring back a very nasty tummy flu. So far I've "enjoyed" 12 hours of vomiting, 36 hours (and counting) of quease, strained muscles in my chest and - the only good part - 10lbs lost. Now, if it were only the weight, I'd say "come on over anytime, I mean it!". But the rest?

If you, for any reason, have an upset tummy do not ascribe innocent reasons (like the recent gunshot wound you've received, or the arsenic you've just ingested) to said upset tummy. Assume the worst and STAY AWAY. Far, far away.

Your friends will thank you.


Sherri said...

Eew! Poor lady!

I'm a big believer in keeping one's germs to one's self. I don't believe it is noble to work sick (do you want a truck driver with the flu on the road with you? What about a waitress with a cold? Even talking to a receptionist with a sore throat is scary.)

Here's hoping you are back on solid food soon.

Sara Kelly Johns said...

I sure am glad you're getting over this. It's nasty! My son had it over Christmas and tons of my students have had or currently have it. Keep those pounds off--that's the payoff for the agony--and easy yourself back on food.

Take care, Sara