It's just sad

This seems to be the year that things I own break - the tv, the toaster and now, the vacuum cleaner. As with the tv, I've never actually bought one, instead relying on "hand-me-downs" from my mother.

This time, I'm buying. And I'm excited. I've got a nice Hoover Steamvac Jr. on the way and a DustBuster. And, you know, I just can't wait!


Sherri said...

Ya, I remember my first vacuum cleaner -- we did the Kirby "vacuum for a lifetime" thing. And we just bought a Roomba for the new wood floor -- robotic!

Appliances can be cool when you aren't getting a dishwasher for your anniversary.

Aravis said...

It's the little things which make life easier and therefore more exciting. I hope they work well and live long for you! :0)