The State of New Jersey hates me. I'm convinced of this. Every time I have to drive anywhere that isn't the Palisades Parkway to/from the George Washington Bridge, the state deliberately tries to get me lost.

There are the signs that appear after you've missed your exit, telling you that you now need to turn around and go back. There are the lanes that you think are going where you want, but then turn into ones you cannot merge out of, so you miss your exit (who knew you needed to stay in the "local" lane to get to an exit?!).

Granted, NYC has a few "huh?" signs - like the ones to LaGuardia just as you get off the Brooklyn Bridge. But NJ has cornered the market on the "you don't belong here, you don't live here, and I'm going to make you wish you'd never thought of coming here" road trip.


Sherri said...

I've been told by natives of NJ that, yes, that is the plan. They want everyone to think New Jersey is what they see from the turnpike, so they can keep their beautiful garden state to themselves.

Alice said...

FWIW: NJ's signs are MUCH more useful than Maryland's -- in that state the sign announcing the exit is AT the exit. There is NO advance warning!