Very cool

I know I usually rail against technology and how it isn't always the best thing - sometimes old, tried'n'true works better. However, sometimes that's just not the case. Thanks to Briar, I discovered The Things I Want, a website that lets you consolidate wishlists.

Why is this better? In the good old days, I'd have to create a wish list (using pen/paper, and later my Palm) and find a way to get that information to people (Xerox/snail mail, beaming, e-mail, etc.). Then, using Powells and Amazon, I was able to create lists and give people links. But multiple links - because I prefer Powells to Amazon for books (and now DVDs), but Amazon had music and other items. Now, with TTIW, I can just send out one link, and - voila - everything's there!

How cool is that?

Here's my list, which I share not for "buy me" purposes but for inspiration for others on your lists. Me? I'm happy with Mt. Bookpile, Nexflix and my new tv.


bri said...

Circa notebooks are excellent.

And I loved Ibbotson's Star of Kazan.

Lazygal said...

Yeah, I know. I have a Circa now and I want more.